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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Greenwood MS

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Only a small portion of the population ride bicycles when traveling. Perhaps the fear of getting hit by other vehicles contributes significantly to its small amount. A lot of people are open to the idea of using bicycles for travelling but are afraid that they might get into a car accident or truck accident. Despite this risk, those involved in bicycle accidents can be assured the law has provided the means of claiming compensation under the right circumstances. Abraham & Associates have the experience to deal with the complex law bicycle riders have to navigate to make a claim.

Advice From A Bike Accident Lawyer.

  1. Wait for the Police. When accidents happen, always call the police. They will respond immediately and gather information surrounding the accident. The information they gather will be critical because you can use this later on when claiming for remedies.
  2. No Negotiating With The Driver. Avoid negotiating with the driver at fault. The first thing they usually do is take the blame for the accident and try to find a way to avoid making you call the authorities. In the process, they could give a the wrong information about their identity and ownership of the vehicle. If you don’t call the authorities and make an agreement with them, they can later on deny their liability based on the false information they have given you.
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  4. Accuracy of the Report. Make sure that the information gathered by the authorities is genuine and accurate. Make sure that all useful and relevant information is included. All the information in the report can greatly help you when proving your claims. Any missing or wrong information can mean that your claim might not succeed.
  5. Documents. Secure all relevant documents. Make sure you have a copy of the driver’s license of the person who hit you, his insurance information, and his personal information. If you’ve had any wounds treated, make sure to keep your medical records and the receipts from when you bought medicines. These are all important to substantiate your claims.
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  7. Accident Lawyer. Whether you are looking to settle with the driver or filing a case, it is important to have an expert accident lawyer. Abraham & Associates can help you with this. Our lawyers have had plenty of experience in helping cyclists make their claim.

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