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Boat Accident Lawyers in Greenwood MS

Boating Accident Lawyers in Greenwood MS

Statistics show that on average 4,000 people per year have been killed or injured due to a boating accident. A proportion of boating accidents can be attributed to the negligence of other people. Negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care in a given situation. The injured party has to show the causal relation between the offenders negligence and the damage or personal injury suffered. If he or she can prove this, a claim can be filed, and the offender will be liable.

Hire Our Boating Accident Lawyers For These Claims:

Collision. Boat owners usually gather in common users. This increases the risk of colliding with other boats as common waters tend to become crowded. A collision can also involve sand bars, piers, and buoys, and is usually due to the inexperience of the one driving the boat.

Incorrect Anchorage. This is caused by those drivers who do not know how to drop the anchor properly, dropping the anchor without considering the correct side and the movement of the passengers. When passengers move from side to side, the weight distribution changes. Improper anchorage can cause the ship to capsize.

Fire. Fires can also occur when at sea, this can be caused by faulty wiring, gas leaks, and damaged appliances. If you are not careful, you might be looking at a liability for damages caused to your passengers.

Damaged Hull. When a boat collides with another boat or any other object, the hull can become damaged. It's hard to notice damaged hulls because they are underwater. This damage can cause the boat to take in water causing it to sink or capsize.

Falling Overboard. Reckless driving and maneuvering can cause a passenger to fall overboard. When the boat is at sea, and the waters are rough, the boat becomes unsteady. If you maneuver recklessly, passengers can lose their balance and fall off.

Common Casualties Boat Accident Attorney See

  1. Intoxication
  2. Over speeding and reckless maneuvering
  3. Distractions
  4. Defective Equipment
  5. Inexperienced driver
  6. Driving Through Hazardous Areas
  7. Bad Weather
  8. Overloading

See also: Claiming Wrongful Death

You should always be careful when driving your boat. Contact Abraham & Associates if you need help with any of your boating claims. Our lawyers are very experienced in handling boat accident cases.

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