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Child Support Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Child Support Attorney in Greenwood MSChild support is the amount provided by the parent who does not have custody of the child or children to the one who is in custody. The payment serves as a contribution to the daily living expenses of a child. It is made to cover the shelter, food, clothing, education and health care for the child. The court grants child support, and an order is given to the noncustodial parent to pay to the parent in custody.

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Once the court has granted child support, the noncustodial parent is legally bound to pay child support. The law provides for legal consequences for those who fail to pay. The law has made it illegal for those parents who willfully fail in their responsibilities to make payment.

  1. Criminal Misdemeanor. It shall be considered as a criminal misdemeanor if a person, under court order, willfully fails to pay child support. This covers child support that are to be paid to a child who lives in another state or if the payment is overdue for more than one year. Violators may be subject to a fine or up to six months in prison.

  2. Criminal Felony. It shall be considered as a criminal felony if a person willfully fails to pay child support for more than two years or if the amount due exceeds $10,000. The penalty for violating the law is a fine or imprisonment for up to two years in prison or both.

  3. Travel Prohibition. Those who are ordered to pay child support but have overdue payments for more than a year, or if the amount goes beyond $5,000 are not allowed to cross state lines or to travel abroad. If found guilty, the offender shall serve jail time for up to two years.


Although the guidelines for calculating child support are different in every state, there are some factors that each state must consider.

  1. Income of the noncustodial parent

  2. Lifestyle of the child prior to the parents parting ways

  3. Living expenses of the child

  4. Special needs of the child

  5. Financial sources available to the parent in custody

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Keep in mind that the law provides for ways for you to claim your entitled child support. Just contact Abraham and Associates today to know more about how to enforce this right.

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