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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Criminal Defense Attorney in Greenwood MS

Criminal defense is the process of finding conditions that will negate the crime being charged against a person. Since each crime is made up of elements and circumstances, proving that an essential element does not exist or that certain circumstances show that the accused is not guilty, is part of the criminal defense. Criminal defense seeks to prove that the accused is innocent because he or she did not commit the crime or that his or her actions were justified. Criminal Defense Law provides legal protections to persons who are accused of a crime. The government in these cases are the prosecutors. As such, they have a wide range of resources at their disposal. In order to put a balance between the government and the accused, protections are afforded to the latter. Otherwise, the entire justice system would be biased in favor of the government. Since it is yet to be decided whether the accused is guilty or not, he or she should be given protection and treated fairly.

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How Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You?

Criminal Defense Ethics It is part of the code of ethics of a criminal defense lawyer to protect and represent their client with the utmost zeal. A good criminal defense lawyer should know that there is a difference between being factually guilty and being legally guilty. What is important is being legally guilty. The prosecution has to prove every element of the crime and has to prove that the accused did them. The criminal defense lawyer’s job is to show that the prosecution is not able to prove the elements of the crime. What he or she needs to keep in mind is that regardless of what the defendant did, he is not legally guilty until the prosecution proves his or her guilt.

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Criminal defense law may provide ample protection for the accused, but you still need a very skilled criminal defense lawyer who knows how to make use of these safeguards. Contact Abraham & Associates now and have your rights protected.

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