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Drug Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Drug Attorney in Greenwood MS

Drug crimes refer to the illegal possession, manufacturing, delivering, trafficking, dealing, and the use of illegal drugs. It also covers prescription drugs that are acquired illegally. The law bites down hard on illicit drugs because of the harmful effect it has on the user and the people around them. In the United States, a lot of crimes like theft, robbery, and shoplifting, have been associated with drug abuse. Abusers commit these crimes in order to get the money they need to buy drugs.

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Both federal and state laws have made the willful possession of controlled substances a crime. Controlled substances include heroin, cocaine, LSD, marijuana, methamphetamine, and club drugs. Substances and materials used to cultivate and manufacture these substances, and other accessories used in drug abuse are also made illegal. Having in your possession small quantities of these drugs can result in the crime of simple possession while large amounts can be charged as possession with intent to distribute. In order to prove that one is guilty of drug possession, it must first be shown that he or she knows that the drug in question is a controlled substance. It must also be proven that he or she willfully and knowingly had in his or her possession such controlled substance. Constructive possession of these substances is also considered a crime. Punishment for committing drug possession will depend on the amount and type of drug being possessed and also the mandatory minimum sentencing law. The same goes for possessing materials used for drug abuse.

Prescription Drug Fraud

Drug users have become aware that the drugs they buy from the streets are impure or are counterfeit. They have already discovered that prescription drugs like Xanax, Vicodin, and Valium, also give the same effects as those illegal substances that they buy. Prescription drug fraud is when a person is misrepresenting themselves to a doctor in order to gain access to prescription drugs. It also includes doctor shopping. This is when a person approaches many doctors in order to increase the amount of prescription drugs they can obtain. This is because doctors are limited to the amount of drugs they can prescribe. Another form of prescription drug fraud is forging the prescription on a physician’s pad.

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