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Fraud Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Fraud Attorney in Greenwood MSFraud is committed when a person falsely represents a material fact or conceals it in such a way that another person is deceived by such action. The latter will act on it to the prejudice of his or her legal right. Fraud may be through words or actions, by making untrue or misleading statements, or by concealing a fact that should have been disclosed. Victims of fraud may pursue the defendant criminally or civilly.

Consult A Fraud Attorney For These Fraud Types:

There are plenty of types of fraud. Abraham & Associates can educate you about each type and how they are committed. Here are some examples:

  1. Identity Fraud – This occurs when the defendant has stolen someone's identity and then uses it to obtain goods or services by deceiving other persons.
  2. Online advertising fraud – This is committed by cyber criminals who intend to deceive advertisers by infecting the computers of consumers without the latter's knowledge. Next, they use such infected computers to generate false ad clicks.
  3. Software Piracy – This is copying or distributing software without proper authority. The software involved is copyrighted, and the owner did not give his or her consent for the fraudster to copy or distribute such software.
  4. Corporate Fraud – This type of fraud is directed against corporations or businesses. It can range from application fraud to false accounting and procurement frauds.
  5. Advance Fee Fraud – This is one of the common scams that a lot of people encounter. Here, the victim is made to believe that he is paying for certain goods or services. He or she is then made to pay in advance, but the fraudster never delivers goods, nor performs the service paid for.
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