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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Greenwood MSNursing homes, otherwise known as assisted living facilities, are built for senior loved ones. The decision of placing them in nursing homes can be a difficult one but otherwise is done out of the best intentions. Along with the best intentions are the trust that you know your loved ones are in good hands and the faith that they are well monitored and cared for. However, abuse happens in the least likely of places. It is a fact that nursing home abuse exists. If your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, contact us at Abraham & Associates and we’ll provide you with the best legal service in Greenwood.

Nursing home abuse has started to become widely and alarmingly common. Statistics show that around 1 million people have reported that they have been victimized by their own nursing homes. The most upsetting being point being that there are still a lot of unreported cases of nursing home abuse.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse
  • Mental and emotional abuse. What falls under this category is isolation, verbal abuse, insults, humiliation, manipulation, and lies. Ignoring the residents even with simple requests, intimidation, and putting them at fault are also considered mental and emotional abuse.
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  • Financial Abuse. Theft and blackmail are considered as abuse as well. Stealing money and personal belongings fall under this category. Caregivers have also been known to manipulate the elderly into giving bank account information such as credit card numbers, and using it to their own advantage.
  • Sexual abuse. Non-consensual sex happens such as rape and threats, the elderly’s disadvantage is their physical and mental weakness. Another form of sexual abuse happens when the victim is manipulated into consensual sexual behavior. The assault may be done by an employee, a visitor, or even another resident all of which fall under sexual abuse.
  • Physical abuse. This is considered as one of the most common form of abuse from minor physical abuse to major incidents that result in grave injuries such as sprains, cuts, and fractures. Slapping, flicking and pinching can still be considered as physical abuse. Other forms are force-feeding, excessive medication, and improper use of physical restraints.
  • Wrongful death. Although not as common, wrongful deaths have happened in a lot of nursing homes. Most cases involve overdoses or improper medication, dangerous facilities, and physical assault, and emotional assault (resulting in suicide). Other abuses that may not be included in the above mentioned can be discussed with our legal advisers. Call Abraham & Associates for professional assistance regarding this matter.

Act Against Abuse With Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

  • Call the state hotline and file a complaint against the nursing home who is abusing your loved one.
  • Make sure to gather as much evidence as you can to strengthen your case
  • Always take note to ask your elderly how they are treated in the facility and ask around
  • If the abuse is present, make sure to transfer your elderly loved one IMMEDIATELY to avoid further harm
  • File a nursing home abuse lawsuit and get legal assistance immediately.

We at Abraham & Associates are more than willing to help your battle. We assure you that together with our professional lawyers we will fight to bring justice. Call us today.

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