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Premises Liability Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Premises Liability Attorney in Greenwood MS Premises liability is a legal concept where the property owner or the one in possession of such property is held liable for any injury caused to another person, due to the unsafe condition of the property or defect. The injury has to be directly caused by the dangerous or defective condition of the property, and the one injured must not have any fault.

Coverage Guide For Premises Liability Law.

There are three categories of people who enter an owner’s property where he or she has the legal duty to care.

  1. Invitee. These are the people who are expressly or impliedly invited or given permission by the owner to enter the property. These usually involve neighbors, friends, and relatives. The owner has the legal duty to exercise reasonable care to make sure that no injury happens to the invitee.

  2. Licensee. Are people who are expressly or impliedly permitted to enter the premises but for his or her purpose or benefit. An example would be salesmen being allowed entry to give more information about their products. The owner has a lesser duty to exercise care for licensees. They only have to warn them about the unsafe conditions that can potentially cause injuries.

  3. Trespasser. Are those that are not authorized to enter the premises of the owner, the owner is not legally bound to exercise reasonable care to trespassers. An exception to this is that if the trespasser is a child. If this is the case, the owner is to exercise reasonable care to prevent any potential harm that might happen to the child trespasser caused by potentially risky conditions on the property.

Premises Liability Examples

  1. Restaurant Liability
  2. Retail Store Liability
  3. Children on Property
  4. Inadequate Maintenance
  5. Swimming Pool Injury
  6. Negligent or Inadequate Security
  7. Dangerous Property
  8. Slip and Fall Accidents
  9. Animal and Dog Bites

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The injured person must prove that he or she suffered injuries and that it was caused by the owner’s negligence in his exercise of ownership over his or her property and its maintenance. You also need a lawyer who is an expert in the field of premises liability. Let Abraham & Associates provide you with expert legal representation. Visit or contact us today!

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