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Slip and Fall Attorney in Greenwood MS

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Greenwood MS Slips and trips happen; These are generally as a result of a slippery floor or improper footwear. Trips are when one’s foot suddenly gets impeded by another object like another foot or a stationary and unnoticeable object. Falls are what follow a slip or a trip. Falls here refer to falling from low heights, like falling from the stairs or curbs.

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Assessment of Slips, Trips and Falls From Our Slip and Fall Attorney.

One effective way to avoid being liable, understand if you could be, or if you have been a victim is to assess the risks of slips, trips and falls before they occur.

  1. Hazards. Always look for areas in the workplace or business establishment that are potentially prone to slips and trips. Check the condition of the floors and look for any uneven surfaces and cracks. Also check the outdoor premises because it is significantly affected by weather conditions which could make it slippery.
  2. Exposure. Determine the types of people that will be exposed to the risks of slipping and tripping. Also determine the degree of risk that they are exposed to. Since different people go in and out of the area, determine which ones are more at risk compared to others.
  3. Current Situation. Take into consideration all the risks and check what you are currently doing to lessen or prevent them. Also check the safety rules and regulations that are currently imposed and see if they are effective and are being observed.
  4. Records. Record everything that you have found out on your investigation. Also, check if all the safety measures you have laid down comply with what the law requires.
  5. Up To Date. Make sure that the safety measures and rules and regulations that you are currently using are up to date. The law might make some changes on the requirements in making the workplace safe. You must always check for new assessments that are imposed.
  6. Legal Duties

    Both the employer and the employee have legal duties to do in order to prevent slips, trips and falls. For employers, they must keep the workplace as safe as practicable. They must also make sure that other people outside the business are also not exposed to any risk as a result of their business. For employees, they must take necessary steps to take care of their health and safety. They must follow the safety rules and regulations that the employer has imposed. If you have been a victim of a trip or fall due to unsafe surroundings or are facing the prospect of being sued call Abraham & Associates today for expert advice.

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