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Theft Attorney in Greenwood MSTheft crimes refer to the taking of another person’s property without his or her permission. There are various types of theft, the main elements of these types of crimes are the taking of someone else’s property without consent, and the intent to deprive that person permanently of ownership. Some types of theft crimes are burglary, shoplifting, and robbery. Theft can either be petty theft or grand theft. Petty theft involves property that has a value equal to or lower to that set by law. This is property with a value of around $500 - $1000. Grand theft involves those properties where values are above what the law has set.

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Burglary is a kind of theft crime which involves a person trespassing on another person’s property with the intention to commit a felony. The act of trespassing does not have to be with the use of force. The burglar can use any opening of the home or property. Burglary can be classified as commercial or residential. Commercial burglary involves commercial buildings like stores, shops, or business establishments. Residential burglary involves residential houses. It also covers places where people can live in like apartments or houseboats.


Shoplifting is theft committed in places where merchandise is sold like stores or business establishments. It is the taking of such merchandise without the knowledge or permission of the store owner and without having to pay for the merchandise taken. Shoplifting is sometimes called retail theft or concealment of merchandise. The punishment for shoplifting will depend on the value of the merchandise taken. The offender is also civilly liable for any damage that the store owner suffered which arose from the shoplifting.

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Robbery is a crime committed against an individual and his property. It is the taking of an individual’s money or goods that are in his possession through the use of force or intimidation. The taking can be done when the money or goods are in the actual possession of the individual or his or her immediate presence. The force used by the offender may be actual physical force directed against the victim, or the offender may instill into the mind of the victim the fear of being inflicted with physical harm.

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