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Work Injury Attorney in Greenwood MS

Work Injury Lawyer in Greenwood MSAs an employee, your employer has the legal obligation to keep the workplace safe, protect you against accidents, and inform you about any health and safety issues that concern you in relation to your job. Employers have the legal duty to protect their employees and report any accidents in relation to your work.

Know Your Employer Responsibilities From Our Work Injury Attorney.

  1. Reporting and Recording Accidents. Employers are duty bound to report all accidents that occur in the workplace to the Health and Safety Department. These are accidents that hinder the employee from working for three or more days. These accidents must also be recorded in the accident record book of the employers.

  2. Sick Pay. If an employee suffers accidents in the workplace, he or she might need to take some time off in order to regain his or her health. Although that employee is not present at work, he or she will still get paid sick pay, so the employee does not need to worry about loss of income.

  3. Compensation. If the accident suffered by the employee is due to the fault of the employer, he or she may claim for compensation. The compensation may cover medical expenses incurred in treating any personal injury. It can also cover any loss of income throughout the time the employee is unable to go to work as a result of such accident.

Safety in the Workplace

Here are some tips on how to make your workplace safer and avoid any accidents or any additional expenses.

  1. Know that having a safe working environment does not only benefit the workers and their families, but can benefit the business as well.
  2. Figure out what you need to do in order to keep yourself safe and healthy in the workplace.
  3. Formulate a system that promotes health and safety.
  4. Comply with any safety rule and regulation.
  5. Determine any safety hazard and figure out how to remedy it.
  6. Figure out the best way to address and solve any health and safety issue.
  7. Ask the employees on their side on how to make the workplace safer.
  8. Avail of the services provided by entities that are experts in making the workplace safe.

If you need legal advice on how to keep your workplace safe or if you have claims for compensation, call Abraham & Associates now. Our Lawyers are experts in the field of workplace accidents.

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