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Wrongful Death Lawyer in Greenwood MS

Wrongful Death Attorney in Greenwood MSWrongful death is a result of a person’s reckless act or misconduct which causes death to another. Although a criminal case may be filed in relation to such death, wrongful death cases are usually civil in nature. The purpose of wrongful death trials is to determine the damages to be awarded and the extent of such damages.

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Grounds for Filing a Case? Ask Our Wrongful Death Attorney.

  1. Proof of DeathThe person claiming wrongful death must show that the death was a result of someones reckless, negligent, or deliberate act. The death must not be because of the decedent's actions or his failure to act.

  2. DamageAfter the proof of death and its relation to another person’s acts has been established, the one claiming wrongful death must show that he or she has suffered determinable damage as a result of the wrongful death.


  1. Economic Damages. These type of damages includes those who suffered from the time the negligent act or misconduct occurred, up to the time the decedent died. This also includes the damages suffered by the surviving family members as a result of the wrongful death.

  2. Non-economic Damages. These are the slightly tangible damages suffered by the surviving family members. Included within are the mental anguish and sleepless nights experienced by the survivors due to the wrongful death. It also includes the feeling of emptiness and loss presence of deceased suffered by the survivors because of the wrongful death.

  3. Punitive Damages. This type of damage is awarded as a way of punishing the wrongdoer for his negligent act or misconduct. This is the court's way of warning other potential offenders about the consequences of their actions.

Who May File Claim

  1. Direct Family Members. The deceased’s spouse and children, including those adopted and unmarried.

  2. Financial Dependents, Life Partners, Putative Spouse. Those that get financial support from the deceased, their domestic partners, and those that believe, sincerely, that they are married to the deceased.

  3. Distant Family Members. These are the brothers, sisters, and grandparents of the deceased.

  4. Those Who Suffer Financial. Those that suffer financial loss, aside from the ones mentioned above, as a result of the wrongful death.

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